In 1983, on a family trip to Disneyland, excitement and wonder overwhelmed me as I apparently went back in time to a small yet thriving turn of the century town.

Trolleys, "Horseless Carriages", popcorn, a railroad station, and every Disney character known on every continent in the world were there.  In short, it was pure sensory overload. 

As I looked ahead, two stores to my right to be exact, I saw it...The Main Street Magic Shop.  As I entered, magical apparatus was to be found everywhere.  Linking rings, bird cages, cards, coins, dice and everything else one would associate with a magician.   

As I was greeted, the magician behind the counter demonstrated a trick for me.  The impact of the trick was so sensational that any previous sensory overload paled in comparison to what I had just witnessed.  It was almost as if I had short circuited. For one moment, my brain effectively shut down.  

My dad bought me a couple of the tricks demonstrated and as we walked out the door I knew that in some way, magic would forever be a part of my life.

Over time, I have  became obsessed with not only learning how and why magic works, but the way in which it creates wonder, smiles and laughter.


Classically trained by some of magic's finest sleight of hand teachers, Dorian's wit, humor and innovative approach to magic is why he is so highly sought after by both the public and other magicians!  Dorian even released some of his creations on an instructional DVD designed to instruct other magicians the ins and outs of advanced sleight of hand magic.

Dorian will not only amaze your guests but ensure that you made the perfect choice for booking him...guaranteed!