Dorian Rhodell: The Perfect Solution to the Ultimate Party Problem

Almost everyone who has ever thrown a party of any kind, has faced this same problem.  And if you're reading this right now, you're facing it too.

You have the room, the food, the drinks and the guests.  Now what?

Now is the time to take your party and turn it into an event!

Cocktail or pre-dinner hour, catching up with friends and family, dinner, dessert, goodbye.  Sound familiar?

Now is the time to make absolutely sure that all of your guests will remember your party like it was yesterday...for the rest of their lives!

For over 20 years, Dorian Rhodell has been providing the solution to this problem just like magic.  

Because it IS magic!

Dorian Rhodell is THE San Francisco Bay Area sleight of hand expert.  Recognized as one of the premier sleight of hand magicians, Dorian will leave your guests with an experience to remember!

"Dorian creates that special "World of Fantasy" people have always hoped a magician could show them"

Dorian's performances can;

  • Elevate the energy at company parties or functions
  • Add classy magical ambiance to any private event

Dorian Rhodell will bring over 20 years of experience and guarantee a successful and memorable and magical event.